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How to create various forms of content

As content creators, we need to create various content formats. This is so important when it comes to managing Social Media. But, if we only enjoy creating one specific form, we need to try various forms of content as well. 

This is how we differentiate ourselves and we show our respect to our community. More people will discover us if, for example, we choose to be on Youtube with a video instead of just on with a blog post.

But the truth is, everyone has a preferred content form. People who enjoy creating videos will find the test-based content boring. People who prefer the traditional word and text form will need ages until they prepare a video or an infographic.

Where do we draw the line?

Experiment with various forms of content

Just because you may like a specific form of content, this doesn’t mean you should exclude any other forms. If you have a team and can outsource the video production, you can proceed. But if you sell services as a Content Creator, you need to be willing to try other forms. Especially if you will not outsource some tasks. 

I have started as a Content Creator with a blog. I enjoy writing about Social Media trends and I can have good results in terms of SEO. But I wouldn’t be here if I insisted only on the writing form. In the online world, the media is the king. Video, images, audio matter more than simple text. 

Considering this, I enhanced my content library with videos and a podcast show. Neither is my strongest point. And I require more time to record and edit a video than to write and publish a blog post. 

But this didn’t stop me. I have as a rule of thumb the 80% rule: if something is 80% good, then hit the publish button.

I make some mistakes when I talk but this is ok with me. Of course, I am not suggesting it’s ok to make mistakes, especially if you want to achieve a professional outcome. But when I explore a new area, I allow myself to be more vulnerable.

It’s good to have a holistic approach

Generally, I try to create as many content types as possible. I want to know what is essential to know for each type. This helps me know what I will be charging for and how much time it will take to produce it. 

And it’s always important to see which content type brings the best results. YouTube can drive more traffic to my blog than the blog posts themselves. I actually get the most traffic from my podcast show. Haven’t I started, I would never know this.  

A rich content library is the key of growth for every Content Creator. 

How to create various forms of content

So, how do you actually create different forms of content? Define at least 2 different forms extra to the primary form you create. And start creating.You may want to avoid creating something big, like 1 hour video, infographics or 1000 words blog posts.

Instead, try to repurpose your primary content to other forms. 

The blog post you now read can be repurposed to text-based video (I use inVideo for this task), which I consider the easiest way to repurpose content. It will also give 2-3 images with small tips to share on my page and group. I can also make a 5 minutes podcast by reading out loud the main points. 

I start small. This is how I maintain my podcast show. A few months later, perhaps I will be more willing to try a longer episode. But for now, I still test the ground. I try with consistency. And I see results. 

Embrace multiple forms of content

The online world is a media world. People consume information faster if it’s media instead of text. This is one of the main reasons you should create multiple forms of content. 

There are so many available options: video, lives, audio, infographics, stories, memes, polls, pdfs, quotes, gifs etc. It depends on the niche.

Try to enrich your content library with different posts as well. You will see higher reach and traffic.

Need assistance?

I know first hand how difficult it is to try and create new forms of content. This is why I create beginner courses regarding Content Creation. In my latest course, I explain how to create any form of video, even if you have no inspiration or technical knowledge. Check it here: “Video Creation for Social Media”.

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.