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How to generate compelling descriptions

A good way to make people consider your products is to solve their pain points. You can learn how to generate compelling descriptions to create better content. And you can do this with extended research, but here’s another source to look into: Competitor Analysis.

How can you do this?

  1. Visit your competitors’ accounts/pages etc
  2. Go to the reviews section and look for reviews with 3 or less stars
  3. Read them to see what people are not satisfied with
  4. Make content that points out these pain points and says how your product is better in these terms.
  5. Share the posts

This is how to generate compelling descriptions

☝If many people left a negative review because of the “late delivery”, you can say that you offer delivery in X days or less.

Of course, make sure you give what you promise, otherwise it will backfire.

📌This trick doesn’t only work for your product sales page. It can also work as ideas generation for the content you create.

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Posts, articles, video titles; you can convert the reviews given into powerful Social Media Posts. You practically let the competitors’ reviewers give you engaging ideas.

Doing so, allows you to earn people’s trust and even helps you to make money from the content alone.

Do you use your competitors to get any kind of inspiration? Does it help?

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By Maria Papadouri

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