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Consistency on Social Media: The key to growth

Consistency on Social Media is the key to growth. When you start from scratch online, it’s difficult to have an impact. You need to invest time, and nowadays a budget, to grow fast. But this is (thankfully) how things work. You can’t grow big unless you put the time and effort needed to create something solid.

With all this information around, anyone can get lost or overwhelmed. How do you make the difference? How do you get the wheel rolling?

Although there is a mix of things to do, I give my biggest attention to one specific thing: Consistency.

What you need to grow on Social Media

Consistency is key when it comes to growing online. This is the method I follow on the Social Media accounts I moderate. And I see results, every time I implement it.

What does consistency practically mean? To post with a schedule. Not leaving long periods before you appear online again. And it will help dramatically if you can post often, even daily at the very beginning, anywhere you want to grow.

Consistency on Social Media: How it works

To be consistent, you need to follow the schedule you set. This is often is a matter of being organized, rather than on finding constantly new content ideas. At the very beginning, you should also be willing to put the extra effort. And then, make sure you continue offering value.

Let’s say that you just started a new Youtube channel and you want to grow there. Many people choose to create weekly videos to demonstrate anything. 

If you are just starting now, you may want to consider having 2, 3 or even more videos in just one week. This will bring more eyes and traffic to your channel. The same applies if you are launching a podcast or a new blog. You want to be consistent until you start reaching new people.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply if you are starting now. You can do so when you want to grow your account. But, if it costs too much time to create multiple videos / articles/ podcast episodes in one week, then chances are you quit.

This is why I recommend having an aggressive plan to publish consistently for a period of time. Unless you are a Youtuber / podcaster where you publish every day, it’s difficult to cope. 

Consistency and other things

Of course, by just adding content, it doesn’t mean it’s enough to grow. You need to follow the optimisation rules for each platform. 

People won’t find you on Youtube unless you add the appropriate tags and keywords. Not many Twitter users can read your tweets unless you add hashtags. Nor many other users can find your content unless you share it with a large community (Facebook Groups, Quora, Medium etc).

It’s a mix of things. Budget also matters as well as offering the right content to the right audience. Just writing for the masses doesn’t make a difference. Check what your community wants and niche – down to offer a solution.

This is what I do: I like Content Marketing. But I don’t write generally about Content Marketing. I go down to Content Creation and even more specifically, Content Creation for Social Media. The community I serve is not as big as if I served with Content Marketing. But it is more targeted.

Avoid making this mistake

Consistency on Social Media is one of the most important steps to differentiate yourself. Many people quit if they see no results. Although it’s good to know when to quit, you should also be willing to insist on the things you love and you want to share online.

Don’t be afraid to start slow. You don’t need big numbers when you explore new areas of interest. Just be willing to appear online even if no one seems to care. With some strategy, you will start seeing results.

Be consistent with content!

Be consistent with the content you publish. A Content Calendar can help you but you may need to consider creating one just for a couple of months. 

Put all your effort into publishing more often, optimize what you post, and share it where your community hangs out. This is how consistency on Social Media works and it allows you to grow more organically.

What type of content do you create for your Social Media Strategy?

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.