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The easiest way to repurpose content

Do you repurpose content as a part of your content strategy?

As Content Creators, we want our content to get the readability we know it deserves. This can happen in many ways. Sharing the content into multiple platforms is the most common way. Investing a small budget is very rewarding. And if we choose to repurpose content, we ensure it gets its maximum reach, with zero budget.

In this article, I explain what you can do to repurpose the content you create and what I consider the simplest method.

Why you want to repurpose content

Although fresh content offers our community something new, it requires time and effort. Sometimes, what we get back, simply doesn’t equal the effort we put in.

Especially when you manage Social Media accounts. If you try to find fresh news every single time you want to post something, there comes the mental fatigue. This is even harder if you want to have a daily presence and keep an active community. Finding the ideas and turning them to new pieces of content makes the whole procedure very hard.

This is why creating a pillar content and then breaking it to multiple pieces of content, can save you many simple posts for a whole week. 

How to repurpose content

This is the technique I outline in the “Content Creation for Social Media” course. I take the time to create a pillar content (usually a blog post or a podcast show) and once I finish it, I create some stand-alone Social Media posts.

This is how I can feed my Page and Group, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I can schedule them once the blog post is published, and then the whole publishing method becomes easier.

Sometimes, I may create 2 pillar content during the week. These are often a blog post and a podcast episode. Doing so gives me more ideas and posts to publish across each platform. 

The easiest way to repurpose content

From all the tactics I ever used for repurposing content, I find the video format the most rewarding. Back in the day, I was working on a project where video recordings were a common thing. 

If your pillar content is video, there are numerous things you could do. Especially if the video is long (or around 10 minutes). 

Some ideas you could try, are:

  • Teaser
  • Stories using footage from the video
  • Memes 
  • Simple posts
  • Blog posts
  • Audio clips & shows

A video can be broken on smaller videos and it can also give many footages to share with the community. But you can also create a blog post or any other written form out of it. Not to mention the audio part, that can be shared as a stand alone podcast episode. 

Regarding the creation of the video, it requires more time than a blog post, especially on editing, but if you have a team you can rely on it. Plus, it’s the most engaging form of content, so people will consume it easier.

Use Video to repurpose content

You don’t need to start from scratch every single time. You just have to know how to tweak your content, so it can generate more stand – alone pieces of content. You may use them to feed your Social Media Accounts and have an active online presence!

Consider Video as the easiest way to repurpose content. If you want more assistance in the video creation process, you can check our online course “Video Creation for Social Media.

This course is built from scratch to assist you to create any type of videos, either for free or with a small budget per month. If you implement Video Marketing in your Content Strategy, you will find repurposing content much easier!

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.