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How to Attract More Customers on Social Media

Every business owner wants to be active on Social Media to promote their business. This is why, a common question regarding Social Media Marketing, is how to attract more customers on Social Media.

Running ads, creating content, working with influencers, offering giveaways, and cooperating with bigger brands are only some of the most well known and efficient techniques to try. Of course, every brand has its system and strategy to achieve results. 

In this article, I share one technique I consider the simplest, cheapest, and very efficient.  

Concentrate on solving the pain points

Either product or service, whatever you sell must offer a solution to a specific pain point. People are willing to buy what will make them feel or look better. 

You can concentrate on the problem your product solves and market it. This can be done by surveying your community or checking to see what they have in common.

Once this is clear, shift your whole Content Marketing strategy to talk about the results you can offer.

For example, if you create digital courses regarding Yoga classes, the content you will create will be talking about calmness, mindfulness, well being and all other benefits that Yoga offers. Not about the course itself.

Achieve the result you want to promote

The next step is to achieve the result you promise and then promote it. If we take the Yoga classes as the example here, we can share how we achieved calmness, mindfulness, better life etc. Sharing tips on these subjects will increase their readership. 

Break your content strategy like this: 

General Topic


Pillar Content

Self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc

Pieces of Content regarding Self Love:

  • This is what X did to overcome shyness 
  • The 3 steps to take if you want to grow the respect for yourself
  • What I achieved after I learned how to love myself
  • One thing to try before you doubt about yourself.

And so it goes. You may repeat the process for every piece of content you want to achieve, so you can attract more customers on Social Media!

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Attract more customers on Social Media

Social Media is your online weapon to market your products. Align every piece of content you create to match the results you can bring to your potential customers.

Maintaining a blog? Write blog posts on how to achieve X and Y and then mention the product/service. Having a YouTube channel or a Podcast show? Offer tips on how to achieve the result your product offers. After you win their trust, they will be looking for what you sell. 

Even if you have just started, you can still use Social Media to achieve the results you want. It’s not only about having big followership. If you constantly post optimized videos on YouTube or even blog posts, people will start finding you.

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Work with other people for a jump start

The only drawback I can think about creating content to market your product is the time needed to start return results. But the results will be online and will drive traffic on autopilot.  

If you need a jump start, find accounts with big followership and offer them something they will appreciate. For example, if you are the Yoga Instructor, you may find a well-known gym that doesn’t offer Yoga classes, and offer them your classes to give to their customers as a gift. 

Doing so will make them look better to their customers and you will get promoted for free. Easy to do, no risk involved, and it’s a win-win game.

This is how you attract more customers on Social Media

Don’t solely rely on ads to bring traffic and escalate sales. You need to help your services by making it clear to potential buyers what’s in it for them.

Content Marketing can help you with this! just make sure you work on a system, to be able to produce content on a schedule you can maintain.

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.