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Social Media Strategy: my top 4 priorities

Social Media Strategy can be very different for each account. It all comes down to what each brand wants to achieve. Although some things are different according to the goals the brand has for that given time, some other things are always the same.

For me, a proper Social Media Strategy should have the following elements, on almost every step of the funnel. These elements are:  

  • Giving Value
  • Consistency
  • Uniqueness
  • Solve a problem

Let’s break them down:

Social Media Strategy: the 4 elements I consider a priority

  1. Giving Value

There is a difference between publishing content and publishing content with value. As a Social Media Trainer, one of the most common questions I get asked is how many posts to have each week. But this means nothing unless these posts carry value. Post things that will help your community. And trust me on this: you know it when you share value!

Additionally, it’s not just about the volume of posts you publish. Variety also matters. You can give value on many types of content, not just through articles snd videos. Consider this to create a better experience.

  1. Consistency

It’s surprising how many people will drop their efforts if they see no response to their promotional efforts. But you can’t make a difference unless you create habits.

It took me 3 years until I got consistent results on my first blog. But for 3 years I have been publishing content every single week. 5 years later, and it ranks on Google’s first page on the keyword “Social Media Cyprus”.

The whole point is to continue even if you see no results at first, as long as you know what you create can have a real impact.

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  1. Uniqueness

The internet is flooded with information about everything. If you want to differentiate, you must offer something unique. But how do you do this if there is information about everything?

By sharing your own findings. Or your own experiences. It can be success or failure stories. Behind the scenes photos. Interviews with your employees/partners/customers. Lessons you learned, ‘aha’ moments, regrets, or moments when you were vulnerable.

It’s not only about successes, sometimes people need to know that behind each success they see there were many struggles. This will create a stronger bond, which sometimes is more valuable than the trust you build when you are talking about success.

Sharing your top picks could also be a great Social Media Strategy. I do this a lot, like 5 marketing newsletters I follow or My Marketing Toolkit: 6 tools I use every day. I even share insights or quick guides (How I am active on every Social Media account). 

  1. Solve a problem

This is similar to Giving Value but I share it as a different step to stress its importance. People will follow you if you solve a problem they face.

They will even buy for you if you can show them how something is done. Do your research, ask your questions, do the heavy lifting, and share it with your community. You will earn their trust and build authority.

Invest in your Social Media Strategy

A solid Social Media Strategy is not solely about numbers, percentages, ROI, funnels and profit. It’s also the soft skills. Doing the hidden work that will make everything else grow and prosper.

Work that is not seen often brings great results. You just have to invest the time needed until you consistently offer your community something valuable, unique, that solves its problems. It’s not hard. You just need to listen!

What type of content do you create for your Social Media Strategy?

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.