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How I am active on every Social Media account

Having an online presence is mandatory if you are a business. But just holding some digital space is not enough. You need to add content and start building digital relationships. In order to achieve this, you need to be active on every Social Media account you have a presence.

This is my top priority regarding my online presence. I try to have content at least 5 days per week. If not just on one platform, on any other that I want to build a solid presence.

How much is enough?

Of course, being active everywhere practically depends on the means as well as the author’s preferences. Speaking for me, I can have 5 days a week Social Media posts on my Page or Group. (even 7 days a week but I have consciously choose 2 days “off”) 

But, I currently can’t produce daily YouTube videos or Podcast episodes, even though I highly recommend it if you have the team to assist you. Neither blog posts; they actually require the most time compared to other forms of content. 

So this is what I do to be active on every Social Media account:

How I am active on every Social Media account

I work on a system. I simply can’t create content at any given time. I know when I am most focused and I start the creation process. Once I finish creating my long-form (“pillar”) content, I prepare my weekly content calendar.

Let’s say for example I write this specific blog post as my weekly article. After I finish it, I will break it into smaller pieces and I will schedule them on Facebook. I can do the same on Instagram and LinkedIn, too. For the latter, I will change the tone of my description to be more professional. I keep a friendly tone on Facebook and Instagram.

So, I know in advance the ‘theme’ of my week and I can plan out the content I will have. I won’t get limited by the theme, but it will help to be more organised. 

Do this immediately after you finish it!

While producing the pillar content, you are more concentrated and you know exactly how to make your point. It’s the best time to create stand-alone posts. I have tried to create them later in the week but it never worked well for me. 

Forms of Content I use

Now, being active everywhere needs some modification. At least for me. I could create image posts and share them but I don’t like to only have 1 or 2 forms of content. I prefer variety on my Social Media posts.

So, I will create image posts, polls, simple status updates or ask questions. Doing so, will keep my followers more engaged plus it will make the timeline look more appealing.

Want to get more ideas on the Social Media posts you can create? Check my Facebook course for more details.

Even 2 pillars in a week

Sometimes, I may find it difficult to have 5 posts out of one specific subject. The subject may have some limitations. This is where I can choose to create a second long-form content for that week. 

I will then have more Social Media posts to share for that week. 

Pro Tip: It will dramatically help if you have a stash of 3-4 pillar content pieces saved as drafts. On every form and ready to be published. 

There are times when inspiration (or time) won’t allow you to create a second piece of content in a week. On my greek blog, there was a time I had 8 blog posts as drafts! I normally have 3-4 just for moments I lack time.  

How do you stay active?

This is what I mostly do to be active on every Social Media account. I explain this system in the second part of my Content Creation course. Let me know what you do to stay active on every Social Media account you have a presence!

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.