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How I choose the topics I write about

As Content Creators, we want to be selective with the topics we create content for. Generic ones can get our content in front of many eyeballs but this doesn’t mean it will be consumed. In this article, I explain the method I follow when I choose the topics I write about. 

How I choose the topics I write about

I have a system to generate the ideas I create content about. I describe it in depth in the “Content Creation for Social Media” course, but here are some key points:

I have some sources I visit almost daily to see what people are talking about. I take notes and I then try to create a long form content out of them. And once this is finished, I then create 2-3 Social Media stand-alone posts to have during the week.

What I write about

What topics do I write about most of the time? 

This question was a turning point for me as a Content Creator and as a Social Media Trainer. When I was first starting, I was writing generally about Social Media & Content Marketing. Anything you may think about: “What is the best time to post on Social Media”, “What Content Marketing is”, “How to schedule posts on Instagram” and this kind of stuff.

With time and work comes the experience. So what took me some years to understand, is that generic content doesn’t help. It gets your content lost in a blue ocean. You need to be more specific and you achieve this by listening to your community.

Go niche-down

So, I was reading comments in various groups and blogs I follow, as well as I considered what most people were asking from me during our private lessons. It was specifically about content creation.

This is what inspired me to create the Content Creation course and this is what I mostly create content about in my blog, Facebook Group, Youtube & Spotify account. And when I choose the topics I write about, I niche-down.

I don’t just write about Content Creation. I write specifically about Content Creation for Social Media. And I cover various topics in this area.

There are not as many followers as in the generic Content Marketing space, but I target the right people. And it’s by far more important to write about something specific that helps the community you are targeting, rather than writing about things that have been over analyzed in the past.

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How to see what your community asks for

Common question. Coming especially from people with low followership. You can’t reinvent the wheel and thankfully, you don’t have to. You can see what the target audience asks for by asking on various active groups or check the comments section on high-authority blogs. 

You can also check what type of videos on YouTube gather the most views and see if you can create something similar. Or, go in more depth with a specific topic that was mentioned in the video, but not analyzed.

Research is important and is not limited to one source. Find what you like creating content about and look for a specific area that is not overloaded. Doing so will allow you to attract the right audience and start building your own followership. 

Over to you

I wasn’t always writing content about specific things. Since I found out how important this is, I shifted my approach.

I don’t mind writing for the masses since the masses won’t leave money on the table. I carefully choose the topics I write about and I write for people that will benefit from it, even if they are not hundreds of thousands. But they will be more willing to pay for my services and courses. 

Learn to create content yourself!

Be sure to check the courses I have ready and see if you can find something you can benefit from. Let’s create better online content! 

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.