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How To Create Social Media Videos

As content creators, we need to create content on every platform. Especially, we need to create Social Media Videos.

Of course, no one can create everything with the same quality. Some are better at copywriting. Some others prefer graphics, others prefer video recording. But this doesn’t mean we cannot at least try to create other forms of content. In this article, I explain what I do to create Social Media Videos, although I am not considered the best video creator you will find around.

Know how various forms are created

I have started my journey as a Content Creator from copywriting. For the last 8 years I have been producing content in a written form. But many things change in 8 years. Video is currently the most engaging form of content, podcasting is becoming a thing, media generally outperforms text. 

Although I am much better in writing, I am also trying to create content in various forms. This helps me to have a “hands on” experience on how videos or podcast shows are created:

  • What I need to know regarding their creation 
  • When they are most engaging 
  • How much time they require
  • Which tools or equipment is needed 
  • What I need to consider when creating them

I wouldn’t know the above if I didn’t spend the time needed to create these types of content. I now know and I can have rational requirements when I outsource them. 

What types of videos I mostly create

Since I wanted to implement videos in my content strategy, I had to end up with the type of the videos. 

I do weekly recordings on my Youtube channel, which don’t require much apart from a camera and a tripod. 

My courses are built as “heads up” presentations. Tools like Loom help me with the recording process and I just need a good microphone as external equipment. 

And then I have my Social Media Posts. These are created from zero, where I give simple tips on a subject. I used to find this type as the most time-consuming. But after climbing the learning curve, I find them useful and I use them on various accounts I moderate. So, how do I create Social Media Videos?

How to create Social Media Videos

These Social Media videos require a tool. Fortunately, there are many we can use, all come with a monthly subscription. I personally use InVideo, since it took me the least time to master, plus it has a variety of templates I found helpful. 

I just add some scenes and then some text and music. Pretty much, this is it. Even if you use other tools, the whole point is to find the duration of each scene and the style it will have. If you have the templates ready, then the performance is a matter of the content. It also gives the option to recycle blog posts as a video in a matter of seconds.  

It did take a couple of months to end up with the templates I use, but this is normal. The same happened with the graphics tool I use (Canva). Never underestimate the power of patience!

Not just text based videos

Of course, the possibilities are almost endless. There are so many elements you can use on any video creation tool that make the text based videos look very simple. Effects, stickers and other enhancers can create a promising result. Just look at the templates of any tool to get inspired. 

How do you create Social Media Videos?

The promotional Social Media Videos take some time to master but they are essential to have. When done right, they grab attention and perform well. Do you create them? Which tool do you use and which part do you find the most difficult in the content creation process?  

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.