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Content Calendar: Creator’s Best Friend

Social Media Marketing is often about Content Creation. A very challenging task that only gets bigger and more complex than it used to be. Businesses usually are active in more than one platform. Meaning, their content contribution is bigger. How do Creators manage to keep accounts updated and not hitting the wall? With the Content Calendar.

What a Content Calendar is

Simply put, a Content Calendar (or Editorial Calendar) is a Calendar where you keep the dates and the platforms you will share content. If you manage more than one platforms (and more than one accounts), you will soon realise that the Calendar is the Creator’s Best Friend. 

You know in advance when you will post something, in what platform and what you will be talking about. This will help to create numerous formats right after you create the pillar piece of content.

How Content Calendar Works

Let’s say that I write this blog post, about Content Calendar. Once I finish writing / editing it, I will then start creating Social Media posts. Additionally, I could create: 

  • Email, to send to my list’s subscribers. 
  • Video, for people to prefer to consume the important points, than read the whole article. 
  • I could also record myself explaining how Content Calendar works. That would make a good podcast.
  • And I could even create before and after posts on my Facebook Page. 


Day One: “What helps you stay organised?”

Day Two: Share the blog post

Day Three: Share the social media post about Content Calendar, which I created right when I finished writing the blog post.

So, from just one long form article, I have 3 posts for only my Facebook Page. I can repeat the process for my Group, LinkedIn, Quora etc.  

Note: I cover this strategy in my Content Creation course.

Week’s or Month’s Goal(s)

Additionally, with a Content Calendar you can set weekly or monthly goals. Let’s say I created a Calendar with important marketing dates and I want to promote it. I will set it as this month’s goal and the whole Content Strategy I will follow, will stress the important points of owning a Calendar.

This will help to “warm up” the viewers, which will help with higher conversion rates. 

How to Create a Content Calendar

There are tools you could use, but for me Google Spreadsheets is all I need. In one sheet, I create a plan for four weeks. I write down the days and the platforms I want to have content posted. Then I just follow it and this keeps me active.

If you want to have a look on the template I use, you can check it here. Create a new or modify the existing one according to the platforms you want to be active.

Note that it’s not mandatory to have daily posts, nor just one post everyday. It depends on your business, niche, team and how easily you can produce content. You will shape the Content Calendar in a way you can follow and be consistent.

Do you own a Content Calendar?

How do you stay organized and active on your Social Media posts? Do you own a Content Calendar or do you recommend something different?

Let me know in the comments! 

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.