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How to Come Up With Content Ideas

Coming up with Content Ideas for Social Media is a demanding task. You can’t just create content out of anything. It will really help if you can follow a system. A system to generate ideas, to shape them into any piece of content and to contribute it across Social Media platforms.

How to get started in Content Creation

You need to know how you perform well. Most people feel more creative when they work on morning hours. Some others know they perform better when they work on their own laptop. Or, when listening to specific music.

There are no guidelines; we are all different. So, check what inspires you, what motivates you, what concentrates you. Then, eliminate distractions. Concentrate for a specific time period just to get the work done. If you can do this, there are not many things that could stop you.

How to come up with content ideas

Once you set up your preferred time blocks, you need to work on a system to get you fresh ideas. I have a detailed Content Creation course about this, but here are some things you could try:

1. Google Search Console

Some of my best-performing articles came from the Google Search Console. You can check from there the top search queries for your site and create content about that. This is content people ask for on Google, so chances they land to your piece of content are pretty high.

Of course, it’s not only applicable on blog posts. You can use these ideas for YouTube videos or podcast episodes.

2.Questions on blogs / groups / pages

You need to be active on Social Media if you are a Creator. So, check what are some of the questions people ask on your niche. Find relevant and active blogs, pages, Facebook & LinkedIn groups and check the conversations. See what people ask and check if this matches your targeted audience questions. If so, give an answer or use this question to create a new piece of content.

3. A.M.A.

Ask me Anything! This requires time to set up, but the results are great. Just dedicate some time to your community and encourage people to ask you anything regarding your niche. You can give answers “on the go” or use some of the questions to create long-form content. 

This is best performed when you run a live video. If you are not yet there, collect answers with the ‘Question Sticker’ available on Instagram Stories.

4. Newsletters

I am a fan of Email Marketing. I love both nurturing a mail list and consuming valuable content. If a user wants to be on your email list, congratulations! It’s a good sign you are on the right path.

There are some newsletters I actively consume and help me create or share valuable content. I set up gmail rules to have them land on specific folders. Meaning, if I need some inspiration, I know where to look for it. All in one place. 

5. Buzzsumo / Ubersuggest

I used to work with Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest, since it was the best free alternative to Buzzsumo I could find. But it’s no longer (completely) free. Nevertheless, both tools are great for finding relevant content on specific keywords. 

How do you come up with Content Ideas?

So, these are some of the resources that help me come up with Content ideas for my Content Creation process. When I want to create any form of content, I know exactly where to look for inspiration. In the online Course: Content Creation for Social Media, I give more details regarding the resources I use, as well as the steps I follow.

How do you come up with content ideas?

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.