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5 alternative types of content to try now

When we talk about content, it’s good to experiment with various types. This helps us to reach more audiences with different preferences. Here, I share 5 alternative types of content you can try, as an addition to the mainstream text, image, video, and audio.

Even if you have one or two favorite types of content, this doesn’t mean you should exclude any other. Content creators need to know and experiment with any potential content piece that attracts attention and offers value.

Let’s see what other types you can try. 

5 alternative types of content to try now

  1. Gifs

I’m pretty sure you already use Gifs. They are great in boosting the engagement of Social Media posts and add some entertainment in the account you manage.

Facebook has a built in feature for adding Gifs easily, both in timeline comments and Stories. You can also find Gifs on Instagram Stories. Requesting Gifs can also be a great way to come close to your community and receive more comments. 

But, did you know you can also create them?

It’s not something difficult. Quite the opposite, actually. Tools like can help you easily create Gifs, for free.

If you found a funny clip on a video, you can take the url from the YouTube Video, paste it in Giphy, and cut the frames you want. You can also add all these animations to make it even more exciting!

  1. Gifographics

One other option of alternative types of content you can try, is Gifographics. This may sound similar to Gif, but the way infographics work is different. And this is because their main purpose is not to be funny, but to make complex statistics more entertaining. 

A gifographic is mainly an infographic but some (or even all) of the graphics are replaced by gifs. This makes the whole graphic more interesting.

Regarding its creation, the procedure is easy if you know how to create infographics. You can combine animated icons with text and numbers. Tools like Canva offer these content types, so it wouldn’t be something difficult, nor more time consuming than creating standard infographics. 

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  1. Slideshares

Presentations are often packed with lots of value. At least, this is how they should be created. Slideshare is a platform owned by LinkedIn, where you can upload any presentation.

So, if you have something important to show or a presentation you can share, you can upload it on SlideShare and then share it with the community there. 

  1. Anime pictures, memes or comics 

Entertaining photos are everywhere and there is a reason for this: They work. There are accounts that only publish funny pictures and the engagement is always high. They also receive funny responses from their community, since everyone wants to spread the humor. Even though some fail 😛

A great practice I see from brands is to take well known memes and add text coming from their services or products. Just google Funny Memes and see which ones you can use. 

  1. 3D photos

I don’t know how familiar you are with 3D photos, but they almost always capture attention. Facebook in particular promotes 3D photos and rewards the posts that have this kind of photos with higher reach.

It’s a good practice you can try and see if it also works for you.

What other alternative types of content would you try?

These are just 5 types of content you could try to use to enrich your content library. Got any others? Share them in the comments section!

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.