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3 things to consider as a Content Creator

There are many things to consider as a Content Creator. The process of creating content doesn’t not stop when the final draft is ready to be published. It covers many steps from finding the right idea for the right audience and taking the shape of the right type of content.

It could be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. 

A content creator can focus on 3 steps, that can make a difference when the content gets published.

Let’s see them.

Things to consider as a Content Creator

1. Targeted content

Everyone can create any form of content. But who is gonna consume it? If you don’t have a persona you are referring to, then you can’t guarantee readership. And, in order to make an impact, you need to create targeted content.

This practically means to find the audience that best matches what you  offer, and create content to attract them to your online properties.

There are many ways to do this.

You could check the profile of the people who already buy from you. Can you find some common characteristics? 

For example, when I started blogging, I did it mostly for Social Media Managers or professionals. Soon, I noticed that most people reading it were people enjoying Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing. Beginner level or just looking for quick tips. 

Hadn’t I checked the persona of the readers, I wouldn’t find this pattern and I wouldn’t adjust the content I create. 

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2. Help, offer, show How to Do

The second of the things to consider as a Content Creator, is the content type. I figured out that How – to posts almost always perform well. Often, when people are looking for answers, they are more willing to convert into paying customers.

Offering help is something important. Rathen just justifying why one should do this or that, it’s always better to show how to do this or that.

Take as an example the power of Video on Social Media. Which of the following pieces of content would you find more interesting? 

  • You should use more video on social media because nearly 75% of users consume video


  • This is how to create more videos on Social Media quickly and without any technical knowledge

The second headline shows the way. It’s practical. It talks directly to people who are looking for ways to create content.

The first headline it’s talking about generally. Nearly no one will look why Video is important on Social Media or what is the percentage of people using it. It’s vague. 

Offer help. Show the way. Even if you offer products instead of services, you can always find the pain points of your targeted audience and create content around them. 

The articles of the Social Media Examiner are full of “How To” articles.

3. Uniqueness

Another important factor to consider as a Content Creator, is uniqueness. This is basically to create unique content, that people haven’t already seen it around.

How do you achieve it in a saturated online world? By injecting your own findings.

Include your opinion. Your stories, the results you found, anything coming from your experience. Something that comes from you and people can’t find it anywhere else. 

Doing so, also shows your personality. And personality is something that matters online, since this separates you from competition.

Time and effort will reward you

These are 3 things to consider as a Content Creator. Of course, these are my own beliefs, coming from the things I try online. And I have seen results, thus I am sharing them with you!

Don’t forget of course, that success does not happen in one night. These things take time, effort, discipline. You should make Content Creation a habit. Not something you only produce when you have time and then wait for the results! 

What other things do you recommend to consider? Share it in the comments!

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.