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How to Promote Content Effectively

A great Content Strategy cannot be completed if the promotion of the content is not framed. It’s not just about the creation, it’s equally important to have the content spread around. Even when the followership is not big, there are still ways to achieve good results. In this article, you will see various ways that explain how to promote content successfully.

Leverage multiple platforms

You can’t have a solid content strategy, unless you know how to promote content effectively. It’s essential in order to see results with Content Marketing. 

It’s not something difficult to achieve, although it requires putting a little more effort.

Let’s see here places you can promote the content you create: 

1. Social Media Platforms 

The first place to think of when promoting content is Social Media. But you need to respect each platform’s rules in order to achieve the optimum results.

Consider the following for each platform:

i) Facebook

You can share the link in your Facebook Page, preferably as an Instant Article. Instant Articles open blog posts as natively Facebook posts. This improves the open rates.

On the other hand, you could also reformat the content and publish it as a native post. This is what I mostly do on the tips I share on Content Creation for Social Media. This may bring less traffic, but it creates a better bond with the community.

ii) Twitter 

On Twitter, you can just make a small reference, due to the limited character count. Adjust the description accordingly and add the link. Don’t forget to add some relevant hashtags.

iii) Instagram

On Instagram, you need to go visual. Instead of the link, you can share an image (or a carousel) with a few words, tips, or storytelling. This can attract people’s attention easily.  

Many brands prefer to add the link to the bio and direct people there in order to learn more.

iv) LinkedIn 

On LinkedIn, you may upload the blog post as a native article. Native content always performs better on any platform, since it keeps users on that platform. You can always add the link to the main article. 

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2. Groups

Although Groups are found in Social Media, I make a special reference because of their power. Like-minded people gather together in an online space and discuss relevant topics.

But, there is a catch in promoting content in groups. You can’t just appear, share a link and then disappear. Groups are not a place to directly promote your work. Instead, they are the right place to make connections. Meet new people. Exchange ideas. 

So, the best way to leverage groups is to share value natively, help other members, interact often and be willing to give some of your very own insights. People will begin to trust you and sooner or later, they will visit your profile to learn more about your job. 

I decline about 15 posts a day in the group Content Creation for Social Media, because most members look how to get value rather than giving. I even decline links to other websites. Although it seems like an effort to share something valuable, I mostly appreciate the effort someone puts in order to create something unique and valuable. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem worth sharing. 

This is how you take advantage of groups’ power, without spamming or appearing salesy. 

3. Messenger

A good, personalised way to promote content effectively, is to share it as a direct message. You can use Messenger for this, but of course there are so many other relevant platforms, like Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, etc.

The positive thing with Direct Message is that you choose whom to send the content to. Meaning, it’s targeted. 

It’s always better to send it to 100 people we know will find it helpful than to share it in an audience of 10,000 people, whereas most won’t even see it. 

Plus, personal messages almost always outperform any other methods of sharing, since people feel more comfortable going private than public. 

4. Email

Another way I love in Content Promotion, is through Email. You can share your content with your subscribers. This is also a great way to see higher reach since people in your list have opted in, meaning they actually want to receive updates from you. 

Just make sure you respect their time and carefully craft the email. Meaning, you should avoid any extra details and only concentrate in the important parts.

You can of course share the link to your property, but make sure you add some description or text, to give the context. 

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5. Influencers 

This is a great way to use, especially if you want to leverage Instagram. Influence Marketing is at its very best currently. You want to find influencers and build a relationship with them. But how can you do this?

Avoid going after big names. It’s difficult to get them to share your content. What you really need are micro influencers. People with not that big followership but with great engagement in their niche. These people will be more willing to share high quality content, since they also want to provide value to their own community. If you can help them look good or give them ready content to post, they will be more willing to proceed.

6. Podcasts

Audio currently thrives. It grows in power and users seems to already consider it as one of the prominent types of content. This is why you will only see benefits if you start a podcast show.

If you want to promote content effectively, you may also share it as an audio show. You could just record yourself while reading it out loud or try what I do: I take the main parts of a blog or a video and I record myself while analyzing these parts verbally. And I also recommend my blog or online territories, so users can visit them.

Strategically share content with people who will best benefit from it 

Not everyone is a perfect match for the content we create. Even if they fit the general category, this doesn’t mean they would be interested in that specific content piece. E.g. someone who is interested in Social Media Marketing doesn’t mean they are really interested in TikTok Marketing. 

This is why you should select who you will send your content to. A segmented email list can do the trick regarding the newsletters you send, although it’s always good to listen to your community pain points. If you know what they ask for, you can easily create it for them.

The first-minute rule

Something you can use as a trick is to offer your freshly shared piece of content a small boost. Meaning, if you just published it or shared it on Social, it’s good to get your friends and colleagues engage with it.

Like it, share it to their profiles, comment on it, tag relevant people (maybe users who want to know more?), send it to a couple of other friends through personal message etc.

This initial boost will help algorithms conceive this piece of content as important, thus reward it with more organic reach.

Consider a boost

Another way – perhaps the most effective – on how to promote content effectively is of course boosting it. A small budget can bring tons of reach and engagement.

The budget could be as low as $5 per day (or in some cases, $5 maximum for all the duration of the campaign). I see so many brands do it for their cornerstone content and the engagement in their social media ads is great. It’s one of the most cost-effective types of Social Media ads you could try and rewards you with more quality traffic. Consider doing so for some pillar content.

This is how to promote content effectivelly

Spend time promoting your content. You never know who will see it and how they can convert into leads or customers. Besides, creating content requires time. It should be a priority to get your followers see it!

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.