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3 sources of inspiration for Content Creation

Every Content Creator needs some inspiration. Even advanced or high skilled Creators, many times look at various sources to come up with content ideas. There are many sources of inspiration for Content Creation and of course, every creator has their own. 

Not everything works for everyone, though. You can check many sources and sooner or later you may end up with the ones that bring you the best ideas. 

Of course, it depends on each niche, but generally you can find sources of inspiration for every business. In this article, I am sharing 3 sources I use to find fresh and targeted ideas.

Sources of inspiration for Content Creation

Lets take for granted that the main approach you follow for the content creation strategy, is to offer some value or educational content. In order to achieve this, you first need to check the most frequently asked questions your targeted audience has. 

So dedicate some time during the week to brainstorm ideas that can help people looking for answers. The sources I try are the following: 

1. Quora / Reddit

I put these 2 websites / forums together, since they have similarities in the way they work. You just follow keywords and check what type of question other people ask. 

When I scroll in these forums, I save some important answers I find or I even write my own responses. I then check each answer carefully and I decide if I can write an article out of it.

There are tips that cannot be formed into a 500 words blog post. But I can still use it as a stand – alone Social Media posts, as an “image tip” on Instagram or I can analyse it for my Podcast Show. 

You can find many more Ideas Generation tips on the online course, “Content Creation Tips for Social Media Marketing”. 


I came up with the idea of the article you currently read from I typed the keyword “content inspiration”, selected a random country and one of the ideas it suggested was “what is a source of Inspiration”. I tweaked it to match Content Creation and “Sources of Inspiration for Content Creation” was generated.  

This is awesome, since this tool uses queries coming from other internet users, based on each country. It would be ideal to look for ideas for the country you are targeting, although I personally try other countries, too. The tool is currently on alpha version, meaning there is still room for improvement. is a similar tool for this kind of inspiration (and maybe a bit better), and Google Search Console suggests queries based on your own website. But this better applies if you already have solid traffic.  

3. Facebook Groups (or LinkedIn Groups)

There are reasons Facebook promotes Groups so much: They work. And they gather people with the same interests in one place, exchanging ideas and offering assistance.

With Groups, Facebook managed to solve a problem that was rising: people visiting the platform only to consume content than creating it. But this had an impact on the time spent on the platform. You spend more time in a place you feel comfortable with, rather than on random places (like Pages). And Groups offer this kind of proximity.

You can find a group for everything. You can even start your own. Make sure that you participate in active groups. Active doesn’t mean there are many posts coming from users. It means there are high-quality posts. This means asking for help, offering help, posting tips on how to achieve things, sharing high-quality content, this kind of stuff.

You may check Content Creation Tips’ Group to see how this works.

No one wants to be in a group that hundreds of posts flood the timeline per day, that only request from other members to follow pages or buy stuff. You want to get something of value.

So check the groups you participate in if they gather this kind of posts. If you moderate a group, you can use the ‘Ask Question” feature, where you can get responses of the main pain points the community has. And see if you can create content that gives answers. 

What’s your own Sources of inspiration for Content Creation?

I hope you found some value in this article and you can now realise the importance of having a couple of sources of inspiration for content creation purposes. 

The sources I mentioned here may not apply to you, but with some research you can find the ones that may help you. 

I would also love to know what sources you use and what niche you are into. Let me know in the comments!

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.