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This is how a blog generates sales

The digital marketing world considers having a blog as a must. Although media is far more preferred on Social Media than the written type of content, blog has always been there. And it brings results constantly if done right. This is why people want to keep an active blog on their websites. Despite the authenticity it creates, a blog generates sales as well. And this is something you should also consider.

How a blog leads to conversions

For the past years, I own a blog that even now ranks high on Google Search. People would find it and consume the content. I even host many lead magnets, meaning through the years I have built a good email list as well. And that is its biggest asset.

Unless you have a blog as a hobby, you need to take advantage of it. Yes, you want to share knowledge. You want to build authorship and welcome new traffic on the website. And you definitely want to have a dynamic website that will be shown on SERP when people look for the appropriate keywords.

But you also want to use the blog to generate sales. Or even leads. Whatever the final goal is, you want to use the blog to lead to that action.

How a blog generates sales

So, how do you use a blog to generate sales or leads? By creating the content that will state the problem and then introducing the solution

It’s something every well known website does. Take as an example (a leading blog regarding Social Media Marketing). They write various articles about Social Media and on each blog post, they inject a premium service. 

The SEO ‘guru’ Neil Patel also does this on every post or video he publishes. He writes long articles about SEO and almost always refers to his tool, Ubersuggest, to find competitive keywords. The tool is free with limitations, while the premium version unlocks many more features. 

Hubspot, a full marketing and CRM platform, puts all the effort to create more leads. People there create guides, templates and many resources to educate their community and give each resource for free in exchange for an email.  They have the tools and the methodology to persuade users who will try their software to upgrade to premium services. 

So every piece of content leads to sales or lead generation. This is how you get the maximum of your online efforts. 

Every piece of content should lead to conversions 

The aforementioned methodology can of course happen on every platform, not just blog. You can refer to your premium service on videos, podcasts, carousels even on simple Stories. It’s important to have a clear Call to Action leading to the premium services you provide.

If you are constantly asking your community about its pain points, or you check relevant YouTube Channels and Facebook Groups for the most common questions, you can know what type of content to create. And you can then introduce the solution through something people can buy.

You don’t want any traffic, you want the right traffic

Avoid making a common mistake. You don’t need to write about general topics just to attract thousands of followers. You need to attract followers who are willing to pay for your service.

Check this blog, for example. Although I am into the Content Marketing topic, I don’t write generally about Content Marketing. I write about Content Creation for Social Media. I may never attract people who want to rank high on Search Results through Content Marketing, but I will attract people who want to Create Content to fuel their Social Media Accounts. These people may be the 1/100 of the general topic, but they will generate more income. 

This is why I often make a reference to the courses I have. People reading the blog posts from here, may be more interested in the courses I create.

A Blog generates sales or conversions

A blog generates sales or leads to conversions when the topics reflect on what you are selling. Make sure you are creating content that is relevant to the niche you serve. It will be easier to see conversions coming, even if you are not targeting the masses.

Create content yourself!

One of the most engaging types of content is Video! If you want to implement Video Marketing in your Content Strategy, have a look at the online course: “Video Creation for Social Media“. Anything you will need for the Video Creation process!

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.