Content Creation

Is Content Creation hard?

Have you ever considered Content Creation hard to do?

Any Social Media Marketing task requires effort. The skills needed cover many topics, like creating content, engaging with the community, running ads, etc. But is it only about these hard skills? If we take Content Creation as an example, do you need anything else than the capability of actually creating the content?

Teaching Content Creation

I teach people about Content Creation and Social Media Marketing. In my Udemy courses, I cover many ways users can find ideas, create and edit the content, distribute it, and optimize it. This alone should be enough. Or, at least, any student watching them could, theoretically, have the tools to create something unique.

Of course, you know this is not always the case. Some people who watch my YouTube videos or listen to my Spotify show, send me private messages stating it’s difficult for them to come up with the right ideas or actually create the content.

They even blame their niche for being too boring or narrowed. What they may miss though, is the big picture: it’s not the lack of knowledge or hard skills that make the whole procedure difficult. It’s the lack of soft skills.

Is Content Creation hard?

If you cannot evaluate or find a story behind the content you consume, there is still a road to go. You may notice for some people it is incredibly easy to share content and make it engaging. This is because they feel comfortable with the whole procedure. They don’t force ideas to come. They come naturally.

And guess what. They may have never watched a single YouTube video about how to find ideas or create content. But they developed this skill through their knowledge on the subject and the willing (and time) to publish it online.

How do you develop these soft skills

You can’t just learn Content Creation or Social Media Marketing. It’s not like learning the Python programming language. You can get the help needed for the structure, optimisations tips and the places you can look for fresh ideas through all the available courses and YouTube videos. 

But until you feel comfortable enough to listen to something and just turn it into a piece of content, you will feel there is still something missing. And of course the same thing applies everywhere, not just Content Creation.

Fortunately, this is not about natural talent. Soft skills can be learned through constant implementation and the willingness to keep trying. If I was affected by the small readership numbers of my blog several years ago, I would have never continued to come here.

I have come to the point where I read or write about something and there are many combinations happening in my head that lead to new or fresh content. I didn’t have this ability 5 years ago. 

Everything around us is a source of inspiration

I love this motto when it comes to Content Creation. And I really believe it. We can all help ourselves to remain inspired by following the right communities.

Do you maintain a page and want to be more active? Become a member of various relevant and active groups. See what the admins usually post. See what drives more engagement and what other members usually ask. 

Oh, and let me tell you that you can also join irrelevant groups as well. If there are engaging discussions, you can still benefit from them. I personally follow cool groups about things irrelevant to Social Media Marketing but I see what the admins post, how they post it and this also helps me to get a different picture of how I could also share my content.  

Know your story

Don’t forget: it’s important to know your story. It’s unique. You can share moments from your life, your journey, your experiences, and the things you learned. People love personal stories they can connect with what they do. 

This is one of the main reasons we create groups about things we love. You can outsource the managing of a Facebook Page, but you don’t want to do this with a group. Because a group is not about promoting stuff. It’s about connecting with people with the same interests. 

Just keep creating until you know it comes more naturally.

We all need some help!

We all start at ground zero. If you need some assistance for the Content Creation process, you can check the online courses “Content Creation for Social Media” and “Video Creation for Social Media“. Once you master the way to create content, you will find the rest of the tasks easier.

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.