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Themed Days: A System to be Organised

Themed days is a tactic you can use to have daily content on your Social Media accounts. You actually give each day a different theme and you apply it every week. This helps you to know exactly what to post every day of the week, and you can prepare it in advance.

It’s equally important that it prevents you from being inactive. So, even if you lack time or you don’t feel like creating something, themed days can save you.

How do you apply Themed Days

It requires some work in advance. You just think about what you could write each day of the week. What most people do, is to allow their followers to lead the discussion by sharing their content. 

But in case you have small followership, you can get organised by posting things you can create.

What could you include in Theme Days?

Some ideas you could use for each day:

  • Ask me Anything
  • Share your content 
  • A small niche tip
  • Share an article / video / podcast
  • Add a poll
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Enjoy your weekend
  • Behind the scenes
  • Personal Photo
  • Motivation / inspiration quotes

And many many more. You can find your own.

Want to put the above into context?

Mondays: share #MondayMotivation posts or ask your community for the  Goals for the week 

Tuesdays: add a poll, give a tip, start a quiz

Wednesdays: Share your long-form content, share a curated article, share an evergreen content

Thursdays: #ThrowBackThursday (or #tbt) is about sharing a memory, a recent achievement, something important for you and your business. Ask your community to participate, too!

Fridays:  Weekend vibes, “have a nice weekend” posts, “what’s your plans for the weekend?”, “what I will do during the weekend”. Generally, weekend posts will perform very well on Fridays 🙂 

Saturdays: Behind the scenes, memes, anything light

Sundays:  personal posts will perform well. Sundays are (usually) not about business! 

This is just an example. You can use it to see if the community interacts and make tweaks. You will not get it working from day one but don’t get disappointed. Remember, you do this to help you stay organized. 

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You can also use Themed Weeks

Themed weeks is another system you could try. This will work if you create long form content. 

Let’s say that you write a long form article, record a video or a podcast where you describe: “5 exercises for a massive fat burn”. You could form your whole week around this topic.

So, your weekly plan will be something like this:

Monday: A motivation post about exercising or fat burn 

Tuesday: Poll: What do you prefer for fat burn? Running or Cycling?

Wednesday: Publish the article / video / podcast you created 

Thursday: Ask your community what they recommend about fat burn 

Friday: Share a tip or an image post with content and information coming from your long-form content 

Saturday: Reformat your long-form content. If it is an article make it a video, if it is a video make it a podcast etc

Sunday: Ask your community to share their photos, quotes, inspirational posts about exercising, or fat burn.

Again, this is just an example. If your niche is not that broad, you can create 2 pieces of long form content so you won’t repeat yourself during the week. 

Do you use Themed Days?

If you can’t be consistent with a posting schedule, Themed Days or Themed Weeks can help a lot. This is what helps me to be active on every Social Media account I moderate.

Try to see if you can apply it to your accounts. But remember: this doesn’t prevent you from creating content. It helps in planning out your content distribution. 

Will you use it? Do you use anything similar to keep you organized? Share it in the comments! 

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.