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Instagram Interactive Stickers: Use them more

Instagram Stories is a great way to be active and earn more engagement for your account. They get consumed easily and they are much easier to create.

In order to get the maximum of them, you need 2 things:

  • Upload multiple slides per day
  • Use Instagram Interactive Stickers

Especially, the stickers offer a great way to get connected with your followers and achieve greater reach and engagement.

Why are Instagram Interactive Stickers important

Instagram Interactive Stickers are probably the best way to earn more engagement, with all the benefits this can generate. They give followers incentives and offer an immersive way to interact with what they see.

This sets strong indicators for Instagram to conclude the account is important and relevant to the users who engage. Meaning, they will see the content from that account higher in their newsfeed or story feed.

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Which Stickers are currently available

The difference between Stickers and Interactive Stickers is that the simple stickers do not offer the opportunity to the followers to interact with the content. They just consume it. On contrary, the Interactive Stickers offer ways to express their opinion, likes, and thoughts.

Here are the Instagram Interactive Stickers that are currently available, although my guess is that more is to come:

Slide sticker with emoji: the easiest to add, where people just slide the emoji to express how much they like or agree with the statement 

Poll: Polls work everywhere. Give some options and let your fans express themselves with just a tap

Question: When you ask the right questions, you can get the highest engagement from this sticker. Share the answers so more can participate

Location: Showing where you are can also bring you some more followers, who are browsing on that location

Music: One of the most used stickers since people love it. Followers can also click to listen to the track.

Mention: Another sticker people love to use that increases discoverability. When we mention a friend (or client/partner), chances are they will reshare our slide to their Story. 

Hashtag: You can add hashtags in a story but only one will be clickable. And this through the hashtag sticker, which will take the users to that hashtag’s page

Quiz: If you spend some minutes to create an interesting quiz, you will also get high engagement. Brain teasers work like a charm, for pretty much any niche

Countdown: If a user clicks on a story’s Countdown, they have the ability to add the current event to their calendar

Donation: This is to donate money to eligible organizations or a cause 

Just have in mind it’s not the stickers that bring engagement. Is the way you use them. Users will participate if the content resonates with their preferences, so be as entertaining as possible. 

Use the Instagram Interactive Stickers more!

The tools are here to assist you. And the best part? These are tools creators love to use and followers love to interact.

Of course, it all comes down to the content (again). If the content is good and relevant, people will engage with it. If not, then no tool can make a big difference or impact.

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By Maria Papadouri

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