Social Media Marketing

How long should a Social Media Video be?

It depends on the type of video. Educational content could last up to an hour, and entertaining could last around a minute. Each platform also has its preferences.

Let’s see here some general rules of thumb:


  • 7 – 12 minutes tend to perform best
  • Youtube is a video site, so people visiting it are expected to spend time in order to find the solution they are looking for. Many skip the intro until they find the solution.


  • Videos of around 15 seconds tend to be consumed easier
  • Facebook recommends around 3 minutes for higher engagement


  • For Stories & Reels, 15 seconds
  • For the Feed, about 30 seconds+

💡Don’t forget!

🔹People decide to watch a video the very first 3 seconds – have a strong intro!

🔹Captions play a significant role in the overall performance of the video

🔹Optimize it for mobile and for sound off

What do you believe it’s the ideal length of a video? 🤔

Thanks for making me feel helpful ❤️

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By Maria Papadouri

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