Ideas Generation

How I save 40+ ideas to convert to content

I use Social Media intentionally. If you do this, you can easily come up with ideas to convert to content. Instead of dull scrolling, I ask myself whether what I see can be used as a stand-alone post.

This isn’t difficult if you follow similar accounts:

-You see what they are talking about

-What their followers ask

-How they make a statement

And you can use this info to create your content.

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How I save 40+ ideas to convert to content

👉Ideas are everywhere. You just need to be able to see them. This comes with practice and with a well-working system.

Set up your mechanics to collect ideas the moment you find them (otherwise, you may never find them again).

  • Use the save button each platform offers
  • Screenshots
  • Special folders in your inbox

Do you need inspiration to create content for the upcoming week(s)?

You know where to look for it!

Work smart, not hard! 🤠

I’m sharing all my techniques for finding and saving ideas in my tutorial: How to Find Content Ideas for Social Media.

Never leave a cool idea untapped 😎

How do you come up with new Content Ideas? Reply here!

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By Maria Papadouri

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