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Create engaging Content in seconds

“How to create engaging content” is one of the most commonly asked questions a Content Creator has. In order to do so, you need to come up with the right idea that speaks to the right audience.

And this is something most Creators ask for assistance with. How can you generate enough ideas for every Social Media account? For every brand? And for every platform?

You need to constantly come up with ideas, that are proven to generate engagement. Create content that your community will find insightful. And do all these without having to burn yourself up.

Is there a magic formula?

Meet Easy Content Creator

Our newest tool Easy Content Creator offers you all the help you may need as a Creator. 

  1. It offers great inspiration, since it has hundreds of ideas to inspire you for your next post, blog post, newsletter, podcast, etc. 
  2. You use it to create content on the spot. It gives you the idea, you copy it and paste it in your account. Or you can use it as a prompt to create something totally different, if you wish.
  3. And it earns you literally hours during a working month. Because you don’t need to brainstorm, nor create content or graphics. The ideas are your content. And if you use them on Facebook, you can use it’s built-in background color functionality to make it stand out.
    Hint: simple questions with background color tend to generate higher engagement!

Do you find this intriguing? Keep reading. 

Coming up with the right ideas

In order to find inspiration, you need to practice inspiration. It just won’t come and visit you out of nowhere. This is the main reason I avoid scheduling content for big periods of time: because I want to create content often enough, in order to remain a habit.

Nevertheless, there are not many tools to help us with the ideas generation. We all know Google Trends, Search Console, Keyword Planner, or other keyword-based tools that show us the most commonly asked questions. But these are often too broad. 

And you need to add your own keywords in order to generate more keywords. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the brainstorming session… 

Easy Content Creator tackles this. No need to do any research or insert keywords and browse through the results. You just have the idea with the click of a button. 

Oh, and these ideas can be used for every niche. Do you know why? Because they are focused on being genuine and asking real questions. From people to people. Not from Search Engines. 

That being said, you realize why these ideas spark engagement. 

Create engaging Content in seconds

The second help Easy Content Creator offers you is the actual content creation process. No need to do anything else than copy and paste the idea. Actually, the extra step you need to do is to select the background color when pasting the idea in your Facebook Page or Group. That’s all.

But if you want to go into bigger depth, feel free to. If you don’t want to copy the idea, you can just use it as a prompt. Instead of copying it, just use it as an inspiration to create something totally different. Or describe what you do. Anything – really. 

Having enough time

Lastly, let me ask you: how much time do you need every month to fuel your Social Media accounts with content? Can you think of anything different you could do if you have won back these hours?

Allow me to tell you I create a month’s worth of Page content in less than one hour. (I know; a few sentences above I told you I avoid scheduling for big periods. But this is mainly for my Group. For my Page, I prefer to schedule the content when I can.)

It’s great. How many tools do you know that help you do that? I honestly don’t need to tweak anything after I paste the idea. Just add the background color. This literally means you earn hours during your month.

Create engaging content with Easy Content Creator

If you need a tool to help you make your job easier, save you time and significantly reduce mental effort, try Easy Content Creator. The way it’s built is to make you concentrate on only one idea per click, thus you avoid being overwhelmed. You can even subscribe for just one month and schedule a full year’s content! 

And in case you thought it can’t get any better, allow me to tell you that it’s literally the minimum investment you could possibly make. You won’t find any other tool regarding Content Creation at the price of Easy Content Creator. 

And you know why? Because its purpose is to help all Creators to create better online Content that we are all proud of. The cost of the tool only covers the maintenance and recurring expenses for being up and running. We make just a few cents out of every subscriber, which is barely considered profit. But the encouraging feedback makes us keep following this model and feel proud of it.

By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.