How to Increase Audience Engagement: The Ultimate Guide

One of the main tasks of every Social Media Manager is to increase Audience Engagement. They can do this through the Content they create, the optimization, the monitoring, the strategy, etc.

In this article, you will find any kind of tips, tricks, secrets, and hacks that will fill you with cool ideas on how to increase Audience Engagement on every platform you are active.

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Let’s Go:


1. One tip to help your account get more exposure on Facebook

If you want your account to get a bit more exposure on Facebook, try this:

Participate more on other branded accounts using your brand.

Get a list of some active pages (or even groups) and engage with their content:
Ask questions, give your input, state your thoughts, share your secrets, etc.

So if other people click on your name, they will be redirected to your Page instead of your personal profile.

How do this:

  • Simply, switch from Profile to your Page (must be the new Page Experience).
  • If you still don’t have the new Page layout, go to your Page > Insights > scroll to Pages to Watch and add up to 5 pages you want to participate with their content. Then click on a Page and you will see their recent posts.

Leave a comment by choosing your Page instead of your Profile.

2. Types of Facebook content for maximum reach

Do you know what currently works best on Facebook? According to my findings, these 3 types are worth a try:

  1. Reels
    Apparently. We see them everywhere, we know it’s the present and the future. META desperately wants them to work and it does everything it can to do so. And it works.
  2. Colored Background
    It has been working for some time now. If you can write short sentences and add one of the preset backgrounds that Facebook offers on both Pages and Groups, they grab attention. They work best when you want to ask questions or give a quick tip.

You can even use tools like Easy Content Creator to create engaging questions that you can use with the background. No other mental effort is needed!

This type is great if/when you need to take a break from making Reels and videos all the time!

  1. Simple Text
    This is just text without adding any images or other media (but you can use emojis). Use it when you write longer sentences that exceed the maximum allowed number of colored background characters.

If the quality of the content is good, it will get consumed.

Mixed types of content are a good indicator of how to Increase Audience Engagement since they show your community’s preferences.

3. Need to Increase Audience Engagement on Instagram? Use every post format available

One way to improve the performance of our Instagram account is to use every type of post we have available.

Unlikely Facebook which has dozens of post types, Instagram has limited types:

  • Timeline Posts (+ Carousels)
  • Stories (+ Lives)
  • IGTV
  • Reels

A way to trick the IG algorithm to increase audience engagement is to try and use as many types as possible.

When I have active Reels together with Stories, I see better engagement on my timeline posts. Also, more people see my Stories.

So try to experiment with all the available types!

  • Of course, don’t forget the other important parts regarding Content Creation:
  • Share something of value
  • Be consisted
  • Make it relevant

This can be applied to Facebook Pages as well, although the options there are many more. I still get the most engagement when I use video over any other content type on Facebook.

4. How to Increase Audience Engagement on your posts

If you get little engagement on the posts you publish, do this:

  1. For a period of time (could be 2 or 3 weeks), publish content regularly
  2. Mix things up: use text, images, videos, gifs, memes, etc
  3. Have a clear call to action on each post: “comment here”, “answer with an emoji”, “send us a direct message”, etc
  4. Check which kind of posts performed better
  5. Use these types more often

Do not permanently exclude other types. People want to see different things. But sometimes, what we need, is just some testing.

We may learn something in between!

5. Make your followers save your posts

A good indicator of how to Increase Audience Engagement for most platforms is the Save Button. If users save the post you create, the algorithms add some engagement points to both the post and the account.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc have this button. We all use it but as creators, it’s good to ask for it, too.

  • How can you make your followers save your posts:
  • Share tips on your niche
  • Share more “How to do” posts
  • Add a watermark with the text “Save it for later”
  • Ask for it in the description

Remember, we want to be helpful as often as possible to the people following us. Offer more and expect nothing in return!

6. 9 ideas for Call-to-Action Prompts

Every piece of content should lead to some form of conversion. This is why Call to Action prompts are mandatory.

With a Call to Action, you tell your followers what you want them to do. This improves the overall engagement and may lead to any type of conversion.

Let’s see here some ideas for Call to Action Prompts:

  • What are your thoughts? Comment below!
  • Double tap if you agree (on Instagram)
  • Want to know more? Send us a Direct Message!
  • Like, subscribe and turn notifications on (on Youtube)
  • Would someone find this post/page/group helpful? Invite/tag them here
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more tips/news
  • Visit our blog/channel for similar articles/videos
  • Comment with a gif/emoji
  • Save this post if you found it helpful

Call to Action shows how to increase audience engagement since you get to know what your community loves interacting with.

7. Participate more as a Page to Increase Audience Engagement

How many times do you engage with content as your professional page?

Try to engage more.

The more you engage with relevant content as a page, the more your followers will see your page’s name in their timeline. It’s a great way that shows how to increase audience engagement.

As you may already know, comments on pages are public, which means our friends (or, if we are a page, our followers) will see we have commented on that specific post. Facebook shows this.

So this is a great way to earn some more reach to our accounts.

What you could do:

  • Find several pages and like them. You may also choose to like them as a page, instead as a profile
  • When you see a new helpful post on your timeline, engage with it
  • Instead of engaging as your profile, click on the bottom right (next to share) to change accounts. Pick the page you moderate.
  • Leave your comment

Leave a comment in the way you ask for it. Don’t just write something for the sake of writing. Offer your tips, your insights, and your own content. Make the comment helpful to people reading it.

You can do the same with your Facebook Profile if you wish! Switch it to “Professional” and just interact as a human being who loves offering value 🙂 This is how you increase your visibility and this is how to Increase Audience Engagement overall!

8. 3 tips to make your community participate more in the content you create

We create content for our community. Not for our brands. So we need to make sure our community responds to what we create

Apart from the likes our content gets, it’s also important to get some useful feedback. Once we start receiving comments from our community, we can use this to offer more assistance.

What can we try to see more participation?

1.Use interactive types of posts
These are the posts that get engagement without requiring much effort. This way, people participate more.

You could use (when applicable): Polls, Interactive Stickers on Stories, ask them to reply with an emoji, etc

2. Ask for suggestions from their expertise
Make them feel what they actually are: special. Ask for their opinion, what they would do under specific circumstances, what would they do if X or Z happened, etc. If you value their opinion, they will feel it.

3.Create content that makes them feel proud
If you can make your community feel proud about what they do, it will be easier to interact with that piece of content.

The point here is to trigger participation and this is how to increase audience engagement. Once you get them talking, it will be easier to keep the drill going 🙂

9. 6 More Ways on How to Increase Audience Engagement in your community

It’s important to keep the attention and the conversations going with the targeted community. The more you interact with them, the more they feel closer to you.

Sometimes, you just need to try different things to see if they bring different results.

Here are some tips on what you could do to make the community interact more, which will result on how to Increase Audience Engagement:

  1. Use the “Send Message” Call to Action
  2. Use the “Ask a Question” post type
  3. Use the Question Sticker on Stories
  4. Request DMs when applicable
  5. Host “Ask me Anything” sessions
  6. Create Short Form Videos (TikToks/Reels)

Social Media Managers should have communication with their community as their first priority and by getting them to talk, they can create and maintain a great relationship.

10. Post content other people can’t

There is great power in uniqueness. Social Media users appreciate it. Why would anyone follow you if they can find the content you post elsewhere?

Here’s how to increase Audience Engagement:

Try to post unique content on your Social Media accounts.

How can you do this:

  • Share behind-the-scenes photos
  • Introduce your employers
  • Share findings from your own research
  • Share your success and failures

These things are who you are. They make your brand transparent. No one else can publish them. Take advantage of them!

Your ultimate guide on How to Increase Audience Engagement

That’s it! Your ultimate guide on how to Increase Audience Engagement! Visit this page when you need new ideas to get your community to participate more in your accounts.

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Social Media Instructor and Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.