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How to Grow Your Audience on Social Media – The Full Guide

There is a great amount of information on how to create content to engage your audience, increase its reach and achieve high engagement. But all this information is only relevant when you actually have an audience. What happens if you want to grow your audience on Social Media from scratch? 

In this article, we will be covering the most important parts of growing an audience on Social Media. This is how I grew my own Facebook Group, Content Creation for Social Media, to over 7k members, just by optimizing the content I was creating.  

We break the guide into 3 sections: Optimization, Content Creation, and Account Growth. Follow these steps and the growth is 100% guaranteed. 

Just make sure you have patience and consistency in your marketing efforts, otherwise, you won’t see (great) results. 

Let’s dive in: 



Getting to know your targeted audience – what does it mean?

The first thing you need to do to grow your Audience on Social Media is to have a clear picture of the people you want to talk to. How do you do this?

Find and join relevant Facebook or LinkedIn Groups or follow relevant people and accounts. See what type of content gets the most engagement. Study the post formats and the quality: what do the most successful posts have in common? Can you create something similar?

Secondly, act like yourself. Be the face of the community you want to grow. Things you like, the tone you write, the language you use, add all these to the content you create. 

Sooner or later it will become clear to you that if you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t find the determination and consistency you need. 

Now that you know what type of content other similar accounts create, you may want to “steal” some of their audience (more on that in the Account Growth section). Before doing so, you should have everything optimized. 

Optimize your Profile

If you are looking to grow on Facebook, allow me to tell you that it’s amazing how many people forget to optimize their profile and only optimize their Page or Group. But people can look up your profile and you need to provide any type of information that will help them follow you. 

Write a small bio of how you can help them (remember – you only talk about them, not you. Even on your profile.) and include your top keywords. 

You can say something like “On a mission to help a thousand people make $10.000 per month. Follow me to get hot tips on the entrepreneurship journey, tips on running a business, and having exceptional communication skills”.

At this point, it is important to mention that when you participate as your Profile to Groups, you can set up a custom Profile. So if someone hits on your name, they will see this custom bio among other information. They will not see your Main Profile unless they click on that option. So make sure you optimize your custom Profile, too. 

The same, of course, applies to Profiles on other Platforms like Instagram or Tiktok. Include keywords and say what’s in it for them. It will really help to grow your Audience on Social Media.

Optimize the Page or Group you want to grow

You will do the same for the Page or Group you want to grow. Apart from having all information completed, make sure you find the top 3-4 keywords that perfectly describe what you do.

Mine are Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Content Marketing, and Copywriting. I came up with a title that is to the point: Content Creation for Social Media. And I use it on the copy I write, together with the other keywords.

Meaning, when people are searching for these terms in the whole inventory of Facebook, they may stumble upon my content, too. 

That’s all for the optimization part to grow your Audience on Social Media. Let’s now see the Content Creation part.

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Content Creation

Fill your account with targeted content

Before starting to invite people to your account or connecting with them, make sure you have some quality content posted on your feed. People who find you may take a look at your account. It’s only a wasted opportunity to see nothing important. 

Now comes the million-dollar question: how do you create quality content?

Unique content that comes from experience 

Uniqueness, making a long piece of content easy to scan, writing from experience, and sharing your findings, are high-quality pieces of content. Don’t write about oversaturated subjects. Inject your own opinion to make it stand out.

“The best times to post on Social Media” may not trigger curiosity anymore. But “The best times to post on Social Media that helped me double down my followers” is something unique. 

Great, yeah! But… how do you come up with these content ideas?

How to find the perfect questions to answer for your perfect audience

I follow this amazing process that I am about to show you. Just keep in mind that the article you are reading came from this exact process. It helps me, so it may help you too to grow your Audience on Social Media.

Here’s what I do and you can also do:

  1. Find your pillar category or categories – this is the main category you can write content about and it’s relevant to your niche. Mine is Social Media Marketing and Content Creation. Let’s pick the first one for now. 
  2. Come up with 3, 5, 10, 15 (up to you) sub-topics from this category. Like “Audience Engagement”, “Audience Growth”, “Organic Growth”, etc. 
  3. Head on to Google and type these prompts. Eg “Audience Growth” “Audience Growth on Social Media” or “Social Media Marketing How to Grow Audience”. Hit enter.
  4. Scroll to the answers until you find the People Also Ask section. It’s usually 3-4 results below the first one. Hit on the questions you see there to expand them, and then hit them again to hide them. Every time you do this, more targeted questions appear.  
  5. Copy all the questions to an excel file and polish them by removing the repetitive ones or the ones that don’t perfectly match your account. It’s nice if you could have at least 10 questions, although it really depends on the topic. I have like 50 questions for Audience Engagement but only 11 for Social Media Optimization. Doesn’t matter at all. People ask more questions regarding Audience Engagement. 
  6. Do this for your other subcategories, too. Each sheet will have the name of the subcategory. Do the same with other pillars. For every pillar, create a different spreadsheet and name the sheets with the subcategories.   

Voila. In less than 30 minutes, you have targeted questions, even if you don’t have an active community yet. People actually asked Google about these, so you know you are looking at great, targeted, SEO-friendly content ideas.

It’s now the time to create the content you will publish to your account and it help you to grow your Audience on Social Media.  

Choose your Post formats

There are numerous ways to create content. It can be in written form. Or Instagram Carousels. TikTok, Reels. Long videos, podcast episodes. Find 2-3 types you know you can do well and start creating.

It’s true that short-form videos are the best to use right now. If you can create TikToks or Reels, you can have an advantage. But if you don’t create, there is no problem. Start with whatever makes you feel comfortable. You have the idea ready, it’s time for the fun part. This is how you should see it! In my Group, I don’t have any Reels. But I get a lot of engagement, even (especially) on written posts.

A tip from me is not to use only one form of content. Have variety. If you can have more than one form type, you will also see with which ones your community will interact most. 

Use (but don’t rely on) AI tools

Want to go a step further? You can ask the questions you found on AI tools like ChatGTP and get unlimited long content in a matter of seconds. But honestly, where’s the fun in that?

I don’t recommend leaving the heavy lifting on the tools. You can use them but always check the final result. Also, be careful; if you are planning to paste the auto-generated content on other big Groups full of experts, they will notice it immediately. Not a good thing when you try to earn other people’s trust.

Use these tools wisely. 

There you are. You found cool questions and you have all the tools to turn them into helpful content. Once you publish them, make sure you add the relevant keywords we talked about in the Optimization section. 

This is how you train the algorithms to know what you are writing about. And this is how it will show your content as “Suggested Content”. 

Now let’s move on to the 3rd and final part on how to grow your Audience on Social Media.

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Account Growth

We have our Profiles optimized and posted some targeted Content in our accounts. Now it’s time for the magic to happen. See here how to grow your audience on Social Media. 

You have to do the first step

Content alone won’t do miracles. You need to participate in other people’s content. 

I believe this is the most important part to grow your audience on Social Media. Don’t only expect others to come. Do the first steps.

You follow other people or are a member of relevant groups. Get 15 minutes every day to answer people’s questions or be helpful. Don’t only reply with the pointless “thank you”. Make it meaningful. Add some more value when you receive value. Remember: value is not only educational content. It could be anything, as long as it’s relevant to the community. 

If you are following some Experts in your field and they publish interesting posts, you may notice they can’t answer every question they receive. It’s impossible. But you can do this. I notice this happening a lot on LinkedIn. 

Every time you leave a comment, you earn your account some consideration. You want people to get to know you, click on your account, find it interesting, and then follow you. 

You can do this as your Profile, you can do this as your Page, too. Leave comments. More than you receive. 

Steal other people’s followers

I promise you, this is not as unethical as it may sound. What I mean by stealing, is to follow users that engage meaningfully in other people’s content. Find like 10 accounts with experts sharing Content you find interesting and follow them. Also, check the users who engage and follow them.

If you also reply to experts’ content and get engagement, follow people who engage with you. Don’t overdo it otherwise you will be marked as a spammer from the platforms.

You may notice that soon you will start receiving more follow requests. It’s great – you start creating a network of people with whom you have the same interests. Which is a very healthy way to grow your Audience on Social Media.

Send that Direct Message

If I ask you why you are not sending direct messages to people you follow each other, but don’t know personally, you may tell me it feels awkward and a bit intrusive.

It is. That’s why you can do it with kindness.

If you send a DM asking someone to follow you, you may not have the desired result. But if you send them the great helpful post you just wrote or the video you recorded, it becomes better.

Remember the golden rule: it’s always about them.  

This is how you grow your audience on Social Media 

Follow the steps above with consistency. You can’t expect results from the first week. My Facebook Group has 7K members but it took like 6 months of consistent posting to grow steadily. I now have around 20 requests per day. I don’t accept everyone because I value quality over quantity. 

The Facebook algorithm shows the Group as a Suggested Group to people who express interest in Social Media Marketing and Content Creation. This happens because I use my top keywords in every (or almost every) piece of content I publish. And I have content almost daily (5 days minimum per week).

You need to put in the hard work. There are no shortcuts when you are serious about growth. There are tools to help you with moderation but no one can grow on Auto-Pilot. 

I hope you found the guide “How to Grow your Audience on Social Media” helpful! If you have anything to add, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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By Maria Papadouri

My name is Maria Papadouri and I am a Social Media Instructor and Content Creator. I help people promote what they love doing by creating beautiful online content.