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Generate Content Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Generate Content Ideas is the ultimate task of any Social Media Manager and Content Creator. In order to create content, you need to research and see what piece of content performs best. Having the right ideas can help you make more targeted content and reach people who matter most to you and your business.

In this section, we will gather together all the tips, tricks, secrets, and hacks that help us generate content ideas for our Social Media Accounts. We aim to make this your ultimate online assistant for Ideas generation, so bookmark the Page to visit it every time you need some inspiration.

Use these tips to educate yourself but if you’d like to use them on your own accounts, we are selling the rights on our Official Shop.  

Let’s Go:


1. Create your personal Inspiration Vault 

We all need some inspiration with content we know performs well. This is why we should always be alert when we come across something useful on the web.

Here’s what I mean:

💡When I find something useful while I’m scrolling on my mobile, I take a screenshot of it

💡When I am scrolling on my PC, I take a screenshot and save it in a particular folder

So if I need some good inspiration, I will look at my screenshots on my mobile or visit the dedicated folder on my desktop.

I then get to decide how I will format the post:

  • Should I ask what my community thinks?
  • Should I create a video or animated text?
  • Could I create a poll?
  • Can I make a quote?
  • Could I create a long-form blog post or a podcast show?
  • How about stories?
  • Or creating post types I don’t usually create?
  • How about a mix of the above and sharing them on different platforms?

If you know you have tons of ideas, the main task will be to create the content in the way your community will love to consume 🙏

Don’t know the best way? Test and try!

2. Use Podcast Playlists to generate content ideas

A good “hack” to generate content ideas, is to look at various playlists.

You can use YouTube or even podcast shows for this.

Let’s say you need some inspiration for creating content regarding Yoga Classes. Here’s what you can do:

🎧Enter Spotify, Google, Apple, or any other Podcasts providers

🎧Look for Yoga or other similar podcast playlists

🎧Open a playlist and just scroll down, going through all the episodes

🎧Scan the titles and you will definitely come up with ideas you can turn into engaging pieces of content 🙂

You can always play the show if you have found something helpful, but some standard scrolling can do the job.

3. Use RSS Feeders to Generate Content Ideas

Here’s a quick tip to generate content ideas quickly:

1. Subscribe to an RSS Feeder (like Feedly)

2. Insert relevant keywords or web pages from your niche

3. Scroll through them and read the titles when you need inspiration

4. Take notes!

When scrolling through titles, you can see what big brands write about without having to read the whole article. It’s so decluttered that any idea can pop out.

Every time I do this, I come up with 2-3 pieces of content I scatter over a period of 7 or 10 days. I get the idea and I create the post/blog post/email out of it.

And with some help from tools like Easy Content Creator, I keep the accounts I moderate active. 

Simple things always work – come up with a simple plan just when you need to have something created on the go.

4. One little system to get more ideas to turn into pieces of content

Being organized is a must when creating content. Many times, it’s not about coming up with the right idea but about having systems to produce these ideas for you.

Once you have the ideas, you are a graphic/video/meme away from having a piece of content ready.

What could you try? 🤔

User-Generated Content

By asking the right question to the right audience, you may get appropriate answers and then turn them into content.

Some “right” questions would be:

🔹What do you most love about _______

🔹What would you change when it comes to ___________

🔹If you could change one thing regarding _____ what would it be?

🔹Can you share one secret/tip about ________?

And tons more.

Brainstorm questions like these and go ahead, and ask them.

Where should you ask them? 🤔

  • Your Page
  • A Group (either yours or any other active ones)
  • Your profile
  • On LinkedIn
  • On Stories (the Question Sticker on Instagram generates dozens of ideas for me)
  • On Twitter
  • Ask your email subscribers
  • Even if you have no big followership you could become active on FB / LinkedIn Groups and ask there

You could even tag the name/account who gave the idea, as a thank you. You could also get more reach if they share it in their account!

5. 5 easy ways to generate content ideas – instantly 

Here are a few tips to help you a bit when you feel stuck:

i) Have a look at the post replies

This is where people engage. What are the most engaging questions? Maybe this could lead to your next piece of content.

ii) Check the titles of a video/podcast playlist

Type the keywords you are interested in and see the results. Scroll to see what kind of content people create. Could you create something similar? Or even better, could you create something similar and add your own perspective, that will make it unique?

iii) Listen to podcast episodes

Nearly every time I listen to an episode I write down ideas I find interesting. This helps me create more. It also helps because I don’t have to stare at the screen. I just listen on the go.

If you are more visual, you may watch videos as well.

iv) Look at the previous pieces of content you created

Sometimes, new ideas are generated from the content you have already created. You may see a paragraph or video section you can analyze more. Check your previous work to see if you can come up with something fresh.

v) Have a bundle that will serve as an “Inspiration Hub”

I do this a lot and I also recommend it here as well as in the courses I create:

  • Read something interesting? Bookmark it in a specific browser folder.
  • Received a cool newsletter/email? Drag it to a specific email folder. 
  • Saw a cool FB/IG?LinkedIn post or a tweet? Save/bookmark it. 
  • Scrolling on mobile and seeing something important? Screen-save it.

Doing so helps you create a hub of cool ideas you can share, analyze or inspire you to create something different. Just a scroll in these folders could inspire you.

6. The full list to help you Generate Content Ideas!

We’ve compiled a list here to help you when you need it most – make sure you save it for the days you feel stuck! 🙏

Ideas are usually generated:

🔹While talking to your targeted audience

🔹From reading feedback and reviews

🔹Seeing what other relevant pages create

🔹Reading comments, blog posts, and forums

🔹After taking a few days off to clear your mind

🔹Discussing with teammates or like-minded people

🔹Being subscribed to relevant newsletters (like our very own!)

🔹After doing other hobbies or activities (preferably outdoors)

🔹Having a content vault (save every exciting piece of content you consume in a specific folder that works as an inspiration hub)

🔹From reading relevant books (even the table of contents could often be enough)

🔹Listening to relevant podcasts

🔹Reading previous, well-performed posts

🔹Using Tools and Apps (we use Easy Content Creator)

Inspiration doesn’t strike you out of the blue. You must create it. Use the list above as a guide to help you when you need to generate content ideas 😎

7. 7 Tips to Generate Content Ideas Easily

Need some inspiration?

Here are a few tips to generate content ideas easily:

📌Start by identifying the purpose or goal of your content. This will help you focus your ideas and ensure that they are relevant and align with your overall goals.

📌Take some time to brainstorm and come up with as many ideas as possible. Don’t worry about evaluating the ideas at this stage, just focus on generating as many as you can.

📌Look for inspiration from a variety of sources, such as industry publications, social media, and other content creators in your field. Don’t forget: Everything around is a source of inspiration!

📌Ask for feedback and input from others, such as colleagues, friends, or mentors. This can help spark new ideas and provide different perspectives.

📌Use mind mapping or other brainstorming techniques to visually organize your ideas and see connections between them.

📌Try to be creative and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with different approaches to generate ideas.

📌Finally, you can use some tools like Easy Content Creator to generate content ideas on the go. There are many other tools you can try to give you a boost when you need it most.

8. How to let your community Generate Content Ideas for you

 A great place to generate content ideas is your existing community. You do this by asking questions and transferring their answers to an excel document.

Then you have created a bank of possible questions you could create content about! 

Some questions you could try are usually helpful ones. Examples:

  • What is your biggest frustration regarding _____
  • What are your main problems
  • What tools do you recommend
  • What advice would you give
  • Where do you find inspiration


You can find tons of ready-made questions like these in our Official Shop.

And here are some places you could ask the same questions in order to get as many answers as possible:

  • Page/Profile/Group – Generally any account you have on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or even Podcast
  • On other relevant groups
  • On LinkedIn groups or your profile. You can also search for hashtags and leave your question under the relevant hashtag
  • On your emails, in case you grow an email list

This is it! Anytime you want to create a helpful tip, you visit this excel file, pick a random question, and offer your insights!

9. 9 post ideas for your next Facebook Post

We all love when things get easy. A little walkthrough is always welcome in the Social Media jungle!

So here are 9 post ideas for your next Facebook Post:

🔹Show before and after

🔹Ask to choose “this” or “that”

🔹Share User-Generated Content

🔹List Pros and Cons

🔹Share a review or a testimonial

🔹Shoutout a team member

🔹Tell your story

🔹Host a Q&A/Ask me Anything sessions

🔹Show a Limited offer only for the fans,

Of course, this list is not only limited to Facebook. You could create this kind of post for any platform you are active

The Ultimate Guide to Generate Content Ideas

Stay tuned! We update this full guide with every tip and secret we implement and find helpful. Visit this page anytime you wish to generate content ideas and you can find some inspiration!


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By Maria Papadouri

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