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Email Marketing Tips - Course

Owning an email list is like having the keys to a goldmine.

Email Marketing Tips is an online course that teaches you how to create engaging emails & newsletters that land on the main inbox and achieve the highest possible open rate

The best asset you could possibly have is an email!

Nowadays, owning the email of a potential lead is like owning their mobile number. I have been using Email Marketing for the last 7 years and I can tell with confidence this has been my number one way to convert leads to students.

I wanted to create this course where I am explaining how I create my newsletters and how I grow my mail list. Here, I am sharing tips from my personal experience as well as and the email template I use for every campaign I send.

Owning an email list is nothing unless you implement some strategy to turn cold audience to warm. And in this course, I am sharing tips to do this.

Who is this course for 🎯

The students I mainly train are freelancers, small business owners, and family business owners, who don’t have a big budget to invest, nor many subscribers to email them.

If you belong to this category, allow me to tell you that I also have small email lists and not a big budget, but Email has been my number 1 tool to find targeted leads and convert them to buying customers. And I did this with the techniques I describe in this course. 

The tools mentioned here are all free (no need to pay for them, unless you have more than a thousand subscribers), which makes this course cost-effective and risk-free. I am also telling you in advance which tools require payment, so as not to invest in them if you don’t want to. Nevertheless, the main tool I recommend is free with all the features I consider required.  

What also makes this course special, is that everything explained is already implemented by me, personally. Many students of mine have also implemented the techniques mentioned here and saw tangible results.

The help you will get from this Course ✅

This is a comprehensive course, where we will discuss everything regarding an effective email marketing strategy. 

Here’s what we will be talking about:

  • How to use Email Marketing to nurture leads

  • How to set up an effective Email Strategy

  • How to craft Newsletters with high open rates & engagement

  • How to optimize the emails you send

  • The exact methods and email templates I use to earn leads’ trust

  • How to leverage the power of Email Series & Autoresponders

  • Advanced Email Marketing Tricks

What is also included in the Course

➡️ 2 hours on-demand Video Lessons

➡️ The template of the Emails I send

➡️ The slides I use, free for download

➡️ Free access to a Private Facebook Group full of premium Content Creation & Social Media Optimisation material

➡️ Q&A section, where we can also have a discussion for Content Creation

➡️ 24/7 access

➡️ Udemy’s official Certification of Completion

➡️ 30 days money back guarantee – no questions asked!2

The Sections of the Course

There are 5 sections for the Course:

Section 1:

Building Up an Email List

Section 2:

Achieving maximum deliverability

Section 3:

Optimizing Emails

Section 4:

Creating a Newsletter Strategy

Section 5:

Tools to test the emails you send


The platform we use is Udemy, which is one of the most trusted and well – known learning platforms in the world.

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If you want to…

✅ Grow and maintain an Email List

✅ Improve the deliverability rates of the campaigns you send

✅ Crafting optimized emails 

✅ Setup an effective Newsletter strategy 

✅ Skyrocket the engagement you receive through the emails sent


Then “Email Marketing Tips” can give you all the possible help you could ever ask for!

Learn all the essentials to create an effective Email Marketing Strategy for just $149.99!

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